I work with smart, successful people who may not have the time or energy to devote to fixing their website or randomly scouring the web for an answer.

Loren Kling - picture

Let’s be honest. I’m a web tech nerd…

A smart one.

But, even more importantly, a nice one.

One who will help you set up, fix and/or alter any of the technical stuff on your website without making you feel dumb for needing my help or for not knowing how to do it yourself.

(But, if you’d like to know how to do it yourself, I’m happy to teach you – calmly, clearly, and in excellent English.)

For those of you who have intermediate/advanced web skill and are already working on your own sites I can still help you out. Consider me your go-to guy for the stuff you just can’t figure out or don’t have time to research.

If you’re one of those of laser-focused people who has shifted from a money mindset to a time mindset, I can free up your time so you can tackle other tasks.

If you are…

…starting from scratch and need a website or domain name – or want to link a domain name to a website – I can help!

If you have…

…one or more websites and need someone to call when something on your site is broken, wonky, weird, or misbehaving (or you want some aesthetic or functional changes made) – I can help!

If you need…

…emergency assistance when a page DISAPPEARS ENTIRELY and you’re left with an error message – I can help!

If you value your time (and you’d prefer to avoid tech-induced headaches)…

Let’s get started!