Kristine OllerCan Loren execute almost any technical, web-related task you can think of? Yes. Can he keep your website up and running, set up new sites, and customize any template? Yes, yes, and yes. He does all of that for me and more – including helping my customers when they have trouble downloading my digital products.

But those are not the most valuable things Loren brings to the table, because anyone can learn those same skills and hone that same knowledge base. The reason I consider Loren such an important asset to my business – and the reason I have referred him to so many of my own clients – is because he brings the invaluable intangibles that make all the difference: professionalism, promptness, intelligence, creativity, clear communication and a great personality.

Kristine Oller ~ Career Strategist

tanya-whitfordI wanted to be able to make small updates to my website myself and then have a webmaster help me with the harder stuff I don’t know how to do. Loren was always willing to do as much or as little as I needed which I really appreciate. He works fast and always answers my many questions. Just a few weeks ago my web server went down with technical problems and my website was gone. In a panic I emailed Loren and in 5 minutes he was able to put my website back up which the server tech support couldn’t get around to in 3 days. Loren saved me from a terrible situation for any business owner. I can’t thank him enough!

Tanya Whitford ~ CPO

kelli-maroneyI highly recommend Loren Kling for website maintenance. I have two sites — a professional site as well as a ‘fan site’ with all my previous [acting] work. I’m not at all computer/internet sophisticated, and all of this is beyond me. You can imagine how relieved I was to have found Loren, who is reliable, honest, fast and delivers the highest quality work. He’s also very patient and has great creative input that you can trust, too. Loren Kling is a great choice for your web maintenance.

Kelli Maroney ~ Actor

Colin BerryI’m a writer and a communications expert who helps nonprofits and smart businesses brand themselves. Loren worked with me to turn my own pretty good ideas for a website into excellent ones. Along the way, he was easy to work with, respectful of deadlines, gracious, reliable, and fairly priced. I would use his services again (and recommend him) in a heartbeat.

Colin Berry ~ Brand whisperer. Cause evangelist.

Blaed SpenceLoren Kling is that rare combination of whip-smart, work-savvy, and kick-in-the-pants fun. Not only was Loren able to translate my big-picture desires and functionality wish-list into a fantastically gorgeous, finished website, Loren was also able to translate coding-speak into plain (yet excellent) English. (And my standards for communication are high.) Loren was my guide and ally through the entire project arc. He explained things clearly and calmly. He never made me feel like a dumb-ass for asking even bone-headed questions. He was responsive, communicative, and nimble. And his perseverance blew me away.

Case in point: when we (and by “we” I mean “Loren”) — when we really got into the guts of the project, Loren discovered some backend issues that needed translating. Literally. Not only did Loren reach out immediately to the Polish wireframe developer, he kept on top of things until he had the answers we needed to make the site perform in alignment with my goals.

All this, and when it came to trouble-shooting, before we went “live”, Loren’s degree of thoroughness was astounding — even to this detailista — which is saying something indeed.

I cannot recommend Loren highly enough. And I would hire him again in an instant!

Blaed Spence ~ Storyteller • Ideator • Innovator